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About us

Company established: Nanjing K.K. Chemical Engineering Corp. was founded in 1992 as the sole funded enterprise of Taiwan K.K. Corporation.

Company address: Nanjing K.K. Chemical Engineering Corp. was registered in Nanjing new & high technology industry development zone, having it’s headquarter in Nanjing and factory in Taixing economic development zone, Jiangsu. In order to improve the quantity of our service, our company has set eleven sales spot in China. Such as Tianjin, Ningbo, Chongqing, Nanchang, Wuhan and so on.

Staffing: Now our company has 120 employees among which about 70 are professional technical personnel who are responsible for products research, sales and after sale service.

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Production service:

1.Water treatment:

        Our company has been engaged in the research, development and manufacture of water treatment chemicals for over twenty years. Our products are exported to many countries, and at the same time we provide good services to many domestic enterprises. At present our main products are phosphonates series(HEDP, PBTC etc), polymers(Copolymer、Terpolymer and PAA etc.) and all kinds of effective formulated agents. Our production capacity is 10,000metric tons annually. 

2.Chemical adding control system

        Because the effectiveness of cooling water system treatment can not merely be solved by providing excellent water stable agents, the control method of chemical adding is also a very important aspect. Therefore our company also develops and imports advanced measure pumps and various control chemical adding systems aiming to save the chemical dosage and manpower for customers and to bring the chemical effectiveness to full play.The feature that combine the excellent water stable agents and advanced chemical adding control equipment is the highlight of our company's treatment  system.

3.Epoxy resin grouting:

        Since 2002, our company has independently researched and developed our own epoxy grouting material product, named Fillerflow(KK100). All performance indexes of this product has reached the standard of imported products. Applied range include natural gas, coal-bed gas, industrial gas, cement, power plants, port, chemical industry, ethylent, papermaking and other industries, it's performance has been praised by the majority of users.

4.Centrifugal oil cleaner.

        In order to solve the problem of machine impurity in industrial liquid state lubricate system, our company researched and developed centrifugal oil cleaner which greatly extends the machine’s life-span.  

Quality AssuranceOur aim is to provide products and service with high quality and levels and to create benefit for our customers. In 1997 our company fully implemented quality management system ISO9000.

        Our company recruits professional technical personnel all year round, welcome to join us!